CQ9 upgrade for “Paradise”!

Upgrade for “Paradise”!
In addition to retaining the most popular features of the first game, it also adds more rich game content to enhance the fun of the game.

The sequel features four skill cards to choose from. Players can choose to increase the attack or call for special fish to join the game; there are also up to six Boss-level fish that can give players some challenge, from the prehistoric giant crocodile and the seahorse king to the lobster warrior. Carefully designed, each kind of fish is not only displayed in high definition, but also with unique movements and demeanor. In the game, players can collect the pearls that appear from time to time. After collecting five pearls, players are eligible for the bonus game of Raiders for Treasure so that they can experience a pleasure of bonus bomb.

Paradise not only presents an HD image, but also has a rich gameplay that has been carefully adjusted by CQ9, making it more interesting than ever before. It is a revamped masterpiece that players cannot miss!

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This game supports WEB HTML5, MOBILE, IOS, ANDROID