Funky Bingo

CQ9’s new game Funky Bingo has made its happy debut!

The much anticipated new arcade game makes its grand appearance after a lot of letters from players!
Different from general electric bingo game, CQ9 takes a deep dive into gameplay mechanics and adds a variety of cool gameplay to its well-crafted Funky Bingo. Players can trigger the opportunity to purchase extra balls after meeting the conditions to increase their winning rate!
Free balls or selected ball mechanisms are available for players to claim. Players can buy extra balls, specify the drawing numbers to increase the connection probability so that it's no longer impossible for players to pick the best combos!

Additionally, player can also enter the featured game by gathering the bonus connection combos specified in the game.
For example, if the numbers in the middle of the card are drawn, the numbers on the top and bottom of it will be deemed to have won the prize. It’s getting easier to win the full-screen prize by rotating to one number for winning another two numbers, so that players can recall the childhood fun while winning the super jackpot~
Join us now to invite players to experience this Funkey Bingo feast!

This game supports WEB HTML5, MOBILE, IOS, ANDROID