Mafia Mystery

CQ9's newest online slot game, Mafia, takes players into the mysterious and mesmerizing world of the Italian Mafia, where they can experience the excitement and glamour of gangster life.

Various Mafia symbols such as guns, cars, liquor, and exciting gunfighting animations have been incorporated into the game's scenarios.

Spin 3~5 limousine icons anywhere and you'll get 12 free games with 5, 20 and 100 times your total bet, and in the free games, all combinations of scores will be multiplied by a random bonus multiplier!

Coupled with the Re-Entry Rule, another spin of the limousine icon will give you 12 more free games, up to a maximum of 500 games! These bonuses help players advance faster in the gangster world, competing for unprecedented rewards.

Meanwhile, the immersive graphics and sound design provide players with an incredible gaming experience, as if navigating Italian streets in the midst of the mysterious atmosphere of the Mafia.

Try the game now to discover more details about the game!