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Industry News

Artificial Intelligence Tools Bring Benefits to iGaming

A recent report from SOFTSWISS, a leading software provider in the online gaming industry, emphasizes the significance and advantages of using artificial intelligence tools.
The company's report outlines the applications of AI tools in content design, customization, player management, and real-time database analysis.
Leveraging Artificial Intelligence Tools
SOFTSWISS' research and development team has developed a unique tool that utilizes machine learning to identify suspicious cases. Once flagged by the machine, such cases are sent to experts within the company's anti-fraud team. Through this application of machine learning and AI technology, SOFTSWISS analyzed nearly 62,000 data records in 2022 alone, resulting in over €16 million in cost savings for operators. This analysis task would have been a time-consuming and labor-intensive challenge if done manually.
SOFTSWISS reveals that AI tools also bring benefits to enhancing player management efficiency.
The company's R&D department created a service named DOSSIER, used to analyze player behavior and enhance gaming experiences.
With DOSSIER, operators can provide customized services to specific customers in real-time. Additionally, this service aids in identifying high potential lifetime value (LTV) customers, enabling operators to offer special incentives or assign them to individual managers for customer management.
Furthermore, AI technology brings similar advantages to SOFTSWISS Sportsbook. After collecting data in real time, the company can provide customers with more tailored content. This allows customers to receive comments and recommendations that are more relevant to their preferences and interests, thus enhancing player experiences.
Another significant application related to AI involves design.
According to the SOFTSWISS report, its WebStudio utilizes AI technology for specific projects to generate unique and diverse content and concept art. The company notes that AI-generated content makes the work of animators and artists more efficient, streamlining the otherwise time-consuming process of image creation.
Enhancing Efficiency with AI Tools
Despite the immense convenience and efficiency brought by artificial intelligence, Vitali Matsukevich, the CEO of SOFTSWISS, offers a recommendation for this new mode of operation: while AI can effectively analyze vast amounts of data, expert judgment is still essential for making final decisions. Relying solely on AI for business decisions is not a one-size-fits-all solution.
He emphasizes the potential of AI technology in processing large amounts of data to enhance efficiency. However, over-reliance on AI in decision-making could lead to unforeseen consequences, potentially resulting in unpredictable economic losses if not properly controlled. Therefore, businesses should understand that the path to success with this new technology lies in finding the right balance between supervising and utilizing AI capabilities, rather than full dependence.