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Player-Centric Products – What Operators Need to Know (Part 2)

Player-centric product design has become one of the key factors to success in the iGaming industry. In addition to personalized customer experience and excellent customer service, is there anything else to be aware of when it comes to the product itself?
Adding Gaming Elements
Many successful iGaming brands have also noticed the importance of the addition of gaming elements. By constantly updating and introducing new features to the game such as special missions, quarterly tournaments, and virtual goods, many players are attracted and kept motivated to participate. For example, Joker Gaming organizes global slot tournaments to increase player retention and satisfy players' need for a sense of achievement and bragging rights.
These gaming elements not only increase player engagement, but also make them more willing to try new products and services. On the other hand, Motivation's live dealing will also introduce the service of livestreamers to guide players and accompany them to play the game in response to the market demand in the near future. Not only can players have one-on-one private conversations with livestreamers in the game, but it also supports a multi-currency reward mechanism that allows players to give gifts to their favorite livestreamers at any time.
It is worth noting that Motivation has developed the industry's first non-fixed livestreaming window, which allows players to control the size and position of the window according to their own preferences, and to customize the window configuration with a single drag and drop.
Meanwhile, in the iGaming industry, operators are increasingly providing players with the ability to pre-order betting slips and track their bets in real-time or automatically record betting information based on past usage habits, making it easy for players to bring up their past history with a single click, as well as allowing them to subscribe to their favorite live dealers in the live dealing system and other more personalized and convenient features, all of which seem to be small changes and may become the key factors for game operators to create revenue in this red sea market.
The global iGaming market is undergoing a transformation that puts players at the center of the action. Whether it's providing personalized experiences, improving customer service, and adding gaming elements, these changes will require operators and providers to undergo an internal culture shift to better meet players' needs and build lasting loyalty. While the market is highly competitive, brands that focus on meeting player expectations are expected to gain more market share and loyal player support.