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Online Gambling is Brought in Line with Generation Y and Generation Z

Chief Operating Officer of Spribe, Giorgi Tsutskiridze, expressed his view of the company’s product, Aviator, and how it attracts players of a new generation.
Along with the changes of generations, operators of online casinos try their best to attract target audiences of Millennials (Generation Y) and Generation Z, who have astonishing consumption potential. However, most of the operators failed to establish an effective market transaction chain with these groups of people in a meaningful way.
An overview of current gaming and recreational options in the market shows the biggest reason might be these casinos failed to provide sufficient persuasion for these generations to give up mobile phone and video games and go for online casinos.
Currently, there is an obvious gap on products to fill up in the new-generation gaming market.
To fill up the gap, Spribe launched a new product, Aviator, to seize the attention of young people.
The game is based on mobile phones and specialized in fast-temper games to attract players. It also allows players to socialize with each other during the game. Players are able to interact with each other through chats and compete with others for leaderboard points.
Besides, Aviator contains a compatible mode with desktop computers, and it makes the game meeting preference of different groups widely.
According to Giorgi Tsutskiridz, the Chief Operating Officer of Spribe, there are three things that were highly focused during the development of Aviator.
First, it is convenience and accessibility. Younger generations only use online gambling platforms that can be easily accessed through smart phones and tablets. Therefore, mobile devices are the key element that must not be ignored.
At the same time, social interaction is also a must. Millennials are highly sociable and value the real-time interaction with others during the game. Without the communication with companions or the information from enemies, it makes the game boring and dull in comparison. Team connection between players is getting more and more important for the development of games.
Lastly, transparency and fairness are non-negotiable. Generation Y take a skeptical attitude towards online gambling in general. Therefore, they are more likely to trust platforms that use the algorithm proved fairness, share betting odds in detail, and make commitments to responsible gambling.
What is the special concern for casino games among Generation Y and Generation Z?
Spribe positions itself in the market as “developing games that are able to dig into the mental states among players of Millennials and Generation Z as well as provide them a restless experience from the first round of the game to the last round”.
Live betting is a part of the multiplayer game and social network game launched by Aviator. It allows everyone in the game to see the betting amount and winning amount from other players. The special setup adds another layer of excitement to player experience, establishes trust to the game, and makes prize-winning more real instead of being something that can only be seen in the advertisement promoted by game providers. It is why Aviator is popular among this group of people.
The game is currently on more than 2,000 online gambling platforms. There are more than 10 million players competing every month. It can deal with up to 10,000 bets at the same time, and there are more than 165,000 bets every minute all over the world.
Through Aviator, Giorgi also realized that players like to control the game. They hope to create some impacts to the result of the game even though the game is only a game of chance. Therefore, in Aviator, the connection between players’ decision and the result is clear and impressive.
Players can also enjoy the competition of the game and the chat with others. These are the key elements of Aviator’s success. Therefore, not only be limited to the product, Spribe will continue incorporating the key elements into games launched in the future.