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Brand News

Gaming Unleashed: A Brand-New Fusion of Adventure and Technology

As the new year begins, CQ9 takes "Gaming Unleashed" as its theme to demonstrate the fusion of technology, art and gaming, opening a new chapter in the industry. The main vision adopts digital and molecular design medium to visualize abstract concepts, with the interweaving of warm and cool colors signifying the possibilities of collaboration and innovation.
The contrasting colors of cold blue and warm orange create a visual experience that is both avant-garde and harmonious. Transparent and reflective design elements make people feel like stepping into a mysterious and adventure-filled new world of gaming.
This year, CQ9 will be at booth N7-242, showcasing our exploration and expectations for the future of gaming in a brand-new way. At the grand finale of ICE London, we are not only saying goodbye, but also taking this as an opportunity to move forward towards infinite possibilities. Come join us in this visual feast to witness and experience the innovation and revolution of the gaming industry.