Brand News
Brand News

Brand-new upgraded CQ9 website

New visual feast
In line with modern Internet usage habits, game experience areas and page contents have been reorganized on the new CQ9 website which has a greatly simplified clear structure. This new structure enables new and existing partners and visitors to gain a full understanding of our competitive edge quickly and conveniently. 

The CQ9 CIS color system norms have been adopted for the new design with solid black as the base color. The new site brings out the brand personality characterized by magnanimity and vitality through the utilization of orange which represents the identity of the brand. CQ9 has incorporated numerous creative and ingenious web design concepts for a greatly simplified look which exhibits usage patterns based on modern technology.

New user experience
The new official website encompasses first-hand experiences of newly developed game products to demonstrate the creativity, executive ability, passion, and professionalism of the brand and exhibit a corporate culture characterized by constant growth and a firm grasp of the latest trends.

Rich website contents have been streamlined and simplified to accommodate the browsing habits of smartphone and tablet users. Visualized function prompts to assist users in locating required information rapidly and effortlessly. The goal is to harness the convenience brought about by mobile technologies.

The brand-new CQ9 website will transport you into an exclusive storyline context. The company has therefore invested significant time and effort in devising the website structure and layout logic. The goal is to convey the profound experience and growth potential of CQ9 through every image and text element in the process of intuitive operations. 

New chapter
In the wake of the consolidation of the electronic entertainment market, CQ9 has added sports betting and live video services this year. Our extensive brand resources, mature technologies, user-friendly interfaces, and comprehensive entertainment experiences give our partners a competitive edge on the market, turning them into emerging dark horses.