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The Rise of E-Sports

A large number of players have noticed that e-sports has burst into the mainstream in recent years. It is currently even being considered to include e-sports as an official discipline in the Tokyo Summer Olympics. Although some people don’t consider e-sports a sport, there is an undeniable trend of e-sports being included in sports lotteries. Certain e-sports events have turned into the new darling of lottery players during the COVID-19 pandemic which has resulted in the suspension of sports competitions all over the world.

Numerous reports released by gambling websites clearly indicate that wagers for e-sports lotteries have increased significantly. Relevant research institutes have surveyed over 1,000 sports lottery players. According to the results of this survey, 36% of all respondents have started to place bets on e-sports competitions. 30% admit that they have started to place wagers in this category in the most recent months.

This is comparable to the rising popularity of telemedicine during this pandemic and may signal a significant business opportunity for the e-sports industry. Although social distancing rules have disrupted e-sports live broadcasts, competitions can still be live-streamed online in an effortless manner. Players or spectators who wish to view these contests can do so in the safety of their homes via their electronic devices and platforms. In addition to staying updated on the latest status of ongoing competitions, they may also participate in betting activities associated with them.

E-sports has a rising appeal as Asian countries start to reopen. Although a second wave of the epidemic seems inevitable, numerous sports lottery platforms featuring e-sports have adjusted the betting schedules for each region in line with the habits of local gamers. On the whole, the market has started to rationalize the buzz and hype surrounding e-sports disciplines over the past five years against the backdrop of this opportunity for vigorous development.