Exponentially rising demand for online gaming blockchain

Global Market Insights Inc. has recently released a report on the online gambling market which forecasts continued growth of the online gaming market value. The total market value is projected to exceed US$ 160 billion in 2026. This report attributes this growth pattern to the rapid spread of smartphones, improvements in Internet infrastructure, the emergence of accessible casino game platforms, and sustained progress in the field of VR, IoT, Cryptocurrency, and blockchain technologies. 

Cryptocurrency is gaining favor among gamers. For instance, a report released by Cointelegraph points out that “the user statistics of Bling, a US-based crypto gaming company, are up almost 50% over the month of March. The platform is reaching 70,000 users per day, and over 400,000 active users per month.” Blockchain technology ensures safe and transparent transactions and is characterized by higher internal odds (around 1.5%-2%) than traditional gambling sites.

Bitcoin SV ($BSV), in particular, is enjoying rising popularity. An increasing number of industry operation platforms choose to base their operations on BSV blockchain due to its outstanding back-end security token functions, powerful authentication protocols as well as excellent transparency and cost & operation efficiency.