Game description - Alice Run

“Alice Run” is a parlor game which has been independently developed by CQ9. The fully enhanced game controls are superior to those of other products in the same genre available in the market.
The company is firmly committed to creating a pleasant gaming experience. Gamers will be highly familiar with various game modes including the cute character design, fairy tale-like themes and storylines, classic 2D movement mechanics in sync with the selected role, the in-game obstacle design, the double-click, two-stage leap mode, placing of bets whenever the character eats candy and triggering of opportunities to play more free games. Gamers can also constantly unlock new characters and followers and satisfy their desire to collect things during gameplay. “Alice Run” is a perfect retro-themed electronic game which integrates the latest gaming trends.
The game is an adaptation of the classic fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland.” The adventure starts with the main character Alice and her companion Cheshire Cate collecting candy left behind by her trapped friends along the way. The more candy she collects, the harder the challenge gets. Can you help her find and free all her friends?
“Alice Run” represents a realization of CQ9’s consistent product design concepts. The company has made an all-out effort to create a product that incorporates aesthetics, sound effects, attractive gameplay and mathematics. We strive to communicate artistic values associated with gaming culture and innovation and add a new cash cow for the platforms of our partners!