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Will Dubai be the next powerhouse of the gaming market?

Due to the dual impact of the COVID-19 epidemic and gradually rising operating costs, a large number of gaming companies in the Philippines successively terminated their leases and left the market. Several of these operators secured a new foothold in other countries such as Malaysia, Dubai, Ukraine, Palau and Cyprus.
Malaysia and Dubai are currently viewed as the new top locations and ideal alternatives for the Philippines. However, as a result of serious economic losses caused by the pandemic in Malaysia coupled with crackdowns on illegal online gaming activities by the Malaysian government, a rising number of operators opted for the new gaming mecca Dubai.
Dubai features a stable pool of dispatch manpower and is one of the largest centers of international commerce. Gambling also generates significant tax revenues, which injects new life into Dubai’s finances. The Dubai Government therefore provides an ideal and attractive business environment to entice a large number of Chinese operators to set up bases in Dubai. It should, however, be noted that Dubai resembles Malaysia in that it strictly prohibits local citizens from participating in any kind of gambling projects. Licenses or permits can be revoked in case of violations of the stringent laws and regulations.
We have come to the conclusion that Dubai owes its competitive edge to the large pool of skilled manpower imported from India. In view of the fact that India is the next emerging market of the industry, businesses in Dubai that utilize Indian labor are not only eligible for government support but also ensures closer cultural links with the Indian market through the contents of their projects.