3 2 1 Go! Launch the rocket!

"3 2 1 Go!" Launch the rocket! Choose how much to bet on the rocket, and prepare to fly to the universe! The last rocket to explodes will win the most, the higher you fly, the higher the reward you can get! Let CQ9 take you on a space journey!
”3 2 1 Go!” is a puzzle game. The visually appealing, avatar-based cartoonish design ensures that gamers can pick it up easily. Gamers can place bets on every or any rocket to win bonuses. The longer the rocket rises in the game, the higher is the bonus multiplier. If gamers place their bet on the rocket with the longest flight time, they “can” earn high bonuses. This is one of the most talked-about and anticipated titles of the CQ9 Gaming Casino this year. You can’t afford to miss this opportunity to make a fortune by embarking on your maiden voyage!

CQ9 is now targeting emerging markets in East Asia and India. We are continuing to create products tailored to each market based on internal market research and feedback from local players. New games are released every month by CQ9. A variety of product packages with API and Live Casino are available to help partners keep their platform fresh and maintain growth.

This game supports WEB HTML5, MOBILE, IOS, ANDROID