New-style arcade game

"Hanuman Bingo" is a new-style arcade game developed by CQ9. It combines color hole roulette and three interesting mini-games. 
Bingo Bingo - Collect colorful balls, reach the card connection and receive rewards.
Claw Claw - Choose the color to bet and receive additional rewards for consecutive goals.
Pop Pop-Eliminate all the colored balls and get a total bet of 50 X.
Collecting 7 jackpots can also trigger jackpot rewards!

CQ9's new masterpiece is a super-fun version of a classic Bingo game that is easy to pick up. The game features three toggleable betting methods, including the classic 3x3 grid and the incorporated candy crush gaming mechanism that transcends the traditional, static Bingo game design. The endearing Hanuman design is infused with colorful design elements reminiscent of Thai culture. This game perfectly demonstrates CQ9's unwavering commitment to meticulous design and creativity.

CQ9 is now targeting emerging markets in East Asia and India. We are continuing to create products tailored to each market based on internal market research and feedback from local players. New games are released every month by CQ9. A variety of product packages with API and Live Casino are available to help partners keep their platform fresh and maintain growth.

This game supports WEB HTML5, MOBILE, IOS, ANDROID