Monster Hunter Go!

There is a bravest cat in “Monster Hunter”, who is not afraid of any difficulties! The cat went into the mysterious forest, encountered the terrifying monsters. Help the cat collect three BOUNS to get into the bonus game, pick 1 of 3 powerful skills, and defeat the monster to get a total bet of up to 200X! Join the Monster Hunter Squad for grand prizes!

This game employs Kuroko-style graphics which have enjoyed immense popularity in recent years. It features sophisticated imagery fused with fun and exciting gameplay and specially designed combat sound effects. Monster Hunter, which vies for the title of cutest slot machine game of the year will conquer your heart in an instant.
Maximum multiplier intervals are determined by the number of cats that appear on the screen, while four different animal character designs control the payouts, which adds to the overall excitement. You won't want to miss this new game.

This game supports WEB HTML5, MOBILE, IOS, ANDROID