Please give my King Kong a glass of mojito.

“Please give my King Kong a glass of mojito. I like his generosity in giving out grand prizes when he feels tipsy~”
The most alluring aspect of the searing summer is the leisurely vibes and the azure coast complemented by a glass of tipsy summer cocktail. Who can resist its charm?
“King Kong Shake” is inspired by the essence of 3X3 slot machines, allowing the player to get the hang of the game effortlessly for a more immersive experience. All the lines can be multiplied by random multipliers to trigger the jackpot, and every game has ALL IN multipliers!
The vibrant graphics and colors imbue the classic slots game with an element of creativity, rekindling the players' passion for the classic slots game.

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This game supports WEB HTML5, MOBILE, IOS, ANDROID