Awe-inspiring arrival of the “Greek Gods”!

CQ9 employs an exquisite artistic style to transport gamers to the realm of the Greek Gods by immersing them in a setting of magnificent Greek temples in a majestic divine aura.
This game contains four unique free game modes. Gamers can freely select their own personal God of Fortune. Two scoring opportunities are triggered when the cash-colored prize image appears and scoring criteria have been met. When the image fills the reels, the multiplier is activated!
As the God of Fortune fills all the reels, the payout ratio can reach up to 3240X!
Gamers can explore and unlock the mysteries of Olympus, the realm of the Greek Gods, by unveiling the laurel road with this slot machine.

CQ9 is now targeting emerging markets in East Asia and India. We are continuing to create products tailored to each market based on internal market research and feedback from local players. New games are released every month by CQ9. A variety of product packages with API and Live Casino are available to help partners keep their platform fresh and maintain growth.

This game supports WEB HTML5, MOBILE, IOS, ANDROID