Dragon Quest adventure journey is back

The highly anticipated classic – Dragon Quest adventure journey is back!
In this classic arcade game entitled “K.O. Island,” gamers will play the role of a fearless adventurer in a virtual world. As they raise their precious sword, they make an oath to exterminate the monster!
The more powerful the monsters, the higher are the odds. The sword can be enhanced with a flame spell to raise the stakes, increase the probability of beating the monster and earn a maximum bonus of 8X.
After collecting three flavored donuts, the fat punk boar is summoned, and a super cool free game is launched. Right at the start of the game, an additional multiplier of 5x or 10x may be earned. By beating a golden pig, gamers can be awarded up to 20 free games. The beasts keep coming and there is an endless stream of amazing bonuses. Slaughtering monster after monster will keep gamers glued to their screens.

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This game supports WEB HTML5, MOBILE, IOS, ANDROID