“Thai Pok Deng” cool launch

“Thai Pok Deng” cool launch!
The classic gameplay has been retained and paired with a card draw mechanism and an authentic Thai-style setting. Due to the simple and easy-to-pick-up gameplay, Thai Pok Deng is an excellent place to start for newcomers to this genre.
CQ9 has not forgotten to add brand-new fun elements for its die-hard fans. Thai Pok Deng features a “grab the bank” gameplay option, which allows gamers to experience the game in a completely new way as the “banker.”
This game is the best and only choice for gamers who wish to experience the joy of the bank takes all or the bittersweet feeling of the bank losing all!

CQ9 is now targeting emerging markets in East Asia and India. We are continuing to create products tailored to each market based on internal market research and feedback from local players. New games are released every month by CQ9. A variety of product packages with API and Live Casino are available to help partners keep their platform fresh and maintain growth.

This game supports WEB HTML5, MOBILE, IOS, ANDROID