who is your favorite striker?

With the quadrennial World Cup just a month away, who is your favorite striker?
CQ9’s super hot new game “Striker WILD” made its debut, continuing the Football Fever. Instead of sitting on the bench watching, CQ9 will take players to the forefront of the pitch with “Striker WILD”!

This GAME has added a special five-icon extra bonus gameplay, allowing players to experience the ultimate shock of the football star’s long shots!
Players can get extra bonus as long as specific five specific icons are lined up. Players can get 25 times the bet score, as long as there are WILD icons in five icons. Players can get 200 times the bet scores for each Small Prize icons lined up, and 800 times the bet score for each Big Prize icons lined up!

The extra bonus is rolling in along with the score icon, so that players can't get out of the exciting game. It is definitely the most timely and appropriate slot machine game in the World Cup this year!
Get your players warm up, get your eyes on the goal, and kick to be this year's MVP!

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This game supports WEB HTML5, MOBILE, IOS, ANDROID