CQ9 made a blockbuster launch of the new slot game -The Chicken House!

CQ9 made a blockbuster launch of the new slot game -The Chicken House!
Set in "The Chicken that Lays the Golden Egg," the game takes the player into the fairy tale world of Aesop's Fables.

Taking golden eggs as WILD icons, this game offers golden eggs, with each of 2X or 3X multiple. The more golden eggs, the higher the multiple!
In the game, players can freely choose two FG modes: "generating 1-4 golden eggs to lock the reel" and " generating golden eggs up to 5X multiples to lock the reel until the end of the game". "Purchase Features" also allow players to skip the long wait and jump right into the FG.

In order to make players more immersed in the atmosphere of fairy tales, many ingenious adjustments to the art design and soundtrack has been made for the Chicken House, just to let players more deeply experience the "wealth comes with eggs", and the charm of getting rich overnight! I believe it will keep players hooked and unable to get over it.

CQ9 is now targeting emerging markets in East Asia and India. We are continuing to create products tailored to each market based on internal market research and feedback from local players. New games are released every month by CQ9. A variety of product packages with API and Live Casino are available to help partners keep their platform fresh and maintain growth.

This game supports WEB HTML5, MOBILE, IOS, ANDROID